Monday, October 17, 2005

Wogan and the Instructional League

Baseball America has their take on the Adam Wogan firing. It really doesn't differ much from the National's press release. The article does, however, shed some additional light on the cancellation of the Instructional League.

[The Instructional League] lasted from Oct. 2-6 with the players never getting on the field.

The hotel near special assistant to the GM Jose Rijo's complex remained under construction, according to sources in the organization. The complex offered little in amenities, and the players stayed at a hotel about 25 miles away.

Though Bowden wanted the group to remain in the Dominican, according to sources, arrangements were made for the players and officials to fly back early. The Nationals will be without an instructional league team for the fifth straight year. Bowden said the franchise instead will reinstate an accelerated program at its spring training complex in Viera, Fla., prior to minor league camp. Last year 37 prospects were invited, but the instructional league was going to take the program's place this offseason.

This meshes with reports I have seen about its cancellation. It's unacceptable that the Nationals would not have the facilities ready for use in October. Although, Bowden denies it was a reason for Wogan's dismissal, this is a failing that clearly falls at his feet. The fact that the facility was Jose Rijo's (a friend of Bowden) is irrelevant. Wogan needed to ensure everything was ready. The question I now have is whether its delay was a function of either MLB not providing funding or the Nationals' organization not adequately budgeting for the costs of its preparation.


*farmgurl* said...

Wouldn't the fact that Bowden and Rijo are tight be a sign that they might have orchestrated the Dominican Instructional League in the first place?

Brian said...

farmgurl - thanks for stopping by

There is no doubt the Dominican Instructional League thing is a Bowden production. The point I was raising was, fair or not, the Director of Player Development would normally be the guy expected to be the top of the food chain with regards to that sort of thing.

Now if Bowden/Rijo knew there was no way to get the Instructional League up and running in time, that's a whole other issue