Thursday, October 13, 2005

Farm Authority Report 10/12/05

Peoria (AFL) [Lost to Grand Canyon 11-7]
  • Larry Broadway, starting 1B - 2/3 2R 1RBI 2BB double 1E
  • Tony Blanco, starting LF - 0/5 4K
  • Brendan Harris, starting 2B - 3/4 1R 1RBI (2-0ut) 1BB triple 1GIDP
  • Roy Corcoran RP - 2IP 2H 1R(1ER) 0BB 3K

1 comment:

Scott M. Collins said...

Broadway continues to do well, Blanco continues to stink. Keep up the good work Brendan and maybe someone in the organization will finally notice you.