Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Farm Authority Report 10/4/05

Peoria Saguaros (Arizona Fall League [AFL]) [Lost to Surprise 14-2]
  • Larry Broadway, 1B starter - 0/3 1BB 2K
  • Tony Blanco, PH/DH (entered game in 9th) - 0/1
  • Chris Schroder RP (entered game with 2 outs in the bottom of the 4th) - 1.1IP 2H 2R(2ER) 0BB 2K 1HR 6BF
  • FYI to the folks at Yuda's game day, Ryan Roberts of the Blue Jays started at 2B, not Brendan Harris


RyanZimmerman said...

Can we know the scores of the instructional dominican league anywhere? I really want to know how Desmond and Casto will do?

Brian said...

I have yet to find anything out there. If I can unearth anything, I'll post it. Typically, the Instructional League stuff is held back from public release.

RyanZimmerman said...

Thx for replying Brian!

I was really interested to see performances of some players in our low A leagues! It's too bad, let's hope, we'll find something, I'll also try to find something.

Anyways, you've one of the best blog around, keep it up!