Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Like Sands Through the Hourglass

So go the Days of the Nats. Barry Svrluga wrote today about the firing of Adam Wogan and th extension of Dana Brown as well as answering a strategically asked question in his weekly chat. There was not much new in the article, however, the chat produced this tidbit of information, somewhat confirming what I read into the whole situation.
Is there more to the Wogan firing/Brown extension than it appears? Given that both Wogan and Brown pre-dated Bowden with the Nationals (i.e. neither of them are part of Bowden's Cincy Posee), is there something that Wogan didn't do that Brown did? Barry Svrluga: The Wogan/Bowden relationship didn't get off on the right foot. The bottom line: Bowden didn't respect Wogan's abilities, and Wogan didn't feel like he had a future with the organization. The relationship would've ended even if Wogan hadn't been fired, I think. Brown, on the other hand, quickly won Bowden's respect as a talent evaluator. And his record in the draft thus far -- led by Cordero, helped by the no-brainer Zimmerman, and possibly aided by up-and-coming lefty Bill Bray -- matches up quite well throughout baseball.
It would be interesting to know what happened between Wogan and Bowden.

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