Thursday, October 13, 2005

Instructional Leagues NOT Cancelled

At long last, I got an update from Nats beat writer, Barry Svrluga, in today's chat.
... half of it is running, but the other half is waiting for the facility to be completed.
UPDATE: It appear we have conflicting stories. In the comments below, Shawn Hill's fiancee stated that he (Hill) was back in Melbourne, FL and that the Instructional League was cancelled. Additionally, one of the posters at Capitol Dugout got his confirmation of the league's cancellation straight from the Nationals clubhouse in Melbourne. Also, I found out the following details: "They are cancelled for sure. The reason is that the complex that Jose Rijo was building was not up to par with livable standards, in the [D]ominican, not near DOMINICAN standards." UPDATE 2: I just got off of the phone with Nick Manno, Assistant Director, Player Development for the Nationals. The Instructional League has indeed been cancelled.


RyanZimmerman said...

That's really great to hear because some of our prospects can learn alot, while playing in the instrucs.

Though, I'd like to see some reports on who did well and who didn't ( I"m sure there are no boxcores avaible) :(

Ashley said...

That's interesting that he stated that. I am Shawn Hill's fiancee, and with him rehabbing right now, he is at the clubhouse in Melbourne everyday. As of last week, all the guys were sent home and instructionals was cancelled. Not sure where the mix up is, but sounds like there is one.

Brian said...

Thanks for the information, Ashley. How is Shawn's rehab going?