Sunday, October 23, 2005

Farm Authority Report 10/22/05

Peoria (AFL) [Defeated Surprise 12-10]
  • Brendan Harris, starting SS - 2/5 1RBI 1K; 1 RBI w/ 2-outs; third game at SS with no errors
  • Ryan Zimmerman, starting DH - 1/5 1R 1K double; left 2 RISP with 2-outs. His name links to a MiLB story about him. It mentions he was intimidated intially by Frank. He works out in the off-season with Mets 3B David Wright and the Upton brothers (BJ and Justin)
  • Larry Broadway PH - 1/1 double

Liga Mexicana del Pacifico

  • 10/21 & 10/22 - No Nationals played

Liga Venezolana de Beisbol Profesional

  • Pastora de Los Llanos: Frank Diaz CF - 0/4 2K
  • Pastora de Los Llanos: Jacobo Sequea RP - 1IP 4H 4R(4ER) 1BB 1K

Liga de Beisbol Dominicano

  • pending

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Nate said...

So that's why Dutch has been booting balls at SS, he's taking fielding tips from B.J. Upton.