Monday, October 24, 2005

Farm Authority Report - Rookie League Prospects

Top 5 GCL Nationals Hitters
  1. Francisco Guzman OF - The 21-year old undrafted free agent out of Venezuela had an impressive US debut. In 40G with the GCL Nats, Guzman batted 344/369/519 with 7HR. That earned him a promotion to Vermont where he played briefly (9G) with similar results (469/471/719 with 2HR). The 6'4" 200lbs OF needs more professional ABs but his start is definitely worth noting. He is likely to begin 2006 in Vermont.
  2. Cristian Ogando OF - The 19-year old undrafted free agent also made a memorable debut in 2005. In 38 games with the GCL Nats, Ogando hit 294/355/331 with 2SB. He is still filling out physically and needs much more experience before moving up the organizational ladder. He will likely begin the season in Vermont with Guzman but it would not be out of the question for him to return to the GCL for additional experience.
  3. Ryan DeLaughter OF - DeLaughter was drafted in the 5th round of the 2005 draft. The 18-year old high schooler is both a talented RHP and accomplished high school power hitter. It's his hitting that will carry him to the majors. In 33G with the GCL Nats, he put up marginal numbers 248/288/438 with 6HR. At the plate his swing can get long at times, as demonstrated by a 6BB/39K ratio in 2005. When he keeps his swing shorter, the ball explodes off of his bat. Until he gains control of the strike zone, his progress will be slowed. Given he was a 5th round pick, the Nationals may attempt to push him to Vermont in 2006.
  4. Brian Peacock CA/DH - The 21-year old was drafted in the 39th round of the 2004 draft. The Nationals signed him as a draft and follow shortly before the 2005 draft. It was expected that Peacock would go in the first 10 rounds of this year's draft. Peacock struggled in his debut 219/299/294 in 42 games in the GCL. He demonstrated a solid ability handling his position defensively but clearly needs to improve with the bat in order to continue his career. Peacock is in the enviable position of playing a position where the Nationals are very weak, so he will be given every chance to succeed. I imagine he will return to the GCL in 2006.
  5. Tim Pahuta 1B - Pahuta was a 2005 18th round draft pick out of Seton Hall. While he struggled with his BA (233), he showed some power potential, 12 of his 31 hits were for extra bases, as well as average control of the strike zone 17BB/35K. The 22-year old needs to accelerate his path up the organizational ladder to a level more comparable with his age. He will likely begin the season in Vermont though it may not be shocking to see him appear in Savannah.

Deryck Johnson OF was a 14th round draft pick in the 2005 draft. He made a brief appearance in the GCL. In 7 games, he batted 185/221/222.

Top 5 GCL Nationals Pitchers

  1. Matt Perks SP - The 20-year old Perks returned to the GCL Nationals in 2005. The 2004 18th round draft pick made the most of his return in 12 games (8 starts). In 60.1IP, he had a 2.83ERA, 1.13WHIP, 6.1K/9IP, 2.5BB/9IP, and 0.3HR/9IP. He will begin the 2006 season in Vermont, but his definitely showing promise.
  2. Terry Engles SP - The 19-year old was a 20th round draft pick in 2003. He, like Perks, returned to the GCL in 2005. In 12 games (9 starts), he pitched 54.2IP with a 4.28ERA, 1.30WHIP, 7.4K/9IP, 2.5BB/9IP, and 0.3HR/9IP. He'll join Perks with Vermont in 2006.
  3. Bartolo Francisco SP - The 23-year old undrafted free agent from the Dominican Republic made a solid debut in the United States. In 52IP split between starting and relieving had a 2.08 ERA, 1.31 WHIP, 5.0 K/9IP, 2.3 BB/9IP, and 0.4 HR/9IP. This earned him a promotion to Savannah where he struggled with his both his control and hits. In 3 starts (17IP), he had a 4.24ERA, 1.82WHIP, 3.2K/9IP, 7.9BB/9IP, and 2.1HR/9IP. He needs to regain his control and perform much better in 2006 with Savannah.
  4. Andre Enriquez RP - The 21-year old was a 13th round draft pick in 2005. In 10.1IP, he had 0.87ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 8.7 K/9IP, 1.7 BB/9IP, and 0.00 HR/9IP. Vermont seems the most likely destination for him in 2006.
  5. Ryan Harrison RP - Harrison was a 23rd round draft pick in the 2004 draft. The 19-year old returned to the GCL as primarily a RP (11G - 4GS & 7 relief appearances). He threw 48.1IP with a 4.66ERA, 1.51WHIP, 6.3K/9IP, 2.8BB/9IP, and 0.7HR/9IP. Much like Perks and Engles, Harrison needs more experience to build up his stamina, and he'll join them in Vermont in 2006.

The additional 2005 draft picks also made appearances with the GCL Nats:

  • Jack Spradlin SP (8th) - The 21-year old was assigned but did not appear for the GCL Nats. He will likely return to the GCL in 2006.
  • Michael Watkins RP (15th) - The 17-year old made 5 appearances for the GCL Nats. In 9.1IP, he had a4.82ERA, 2.04WHIP, 12.5K/9IP, 2.9BB/9IP, and 1.0HR/9IP. He will likely return to the GCL in 2006.
  • Eduardo Pichardo RP (17th) - The 18-year old did not make a great debut in 2005. In 7.1IP, he pitched in 7.1 innings with a 22.09ERA, 4.91WHIP, 8.6K/9IP, 23.3BB/9IP (23 is not a typo), and 2.5HR/9IP. He will clearly return to the GCL in 2006.
  • Coby Mavroulis RP (21st) - The 22-year old made 9 appearances and pitched 25 innings with a 5.04ERA, 1.68WHIP, 10.4K/9IP, 4.3BB/9IP, and 0.7HR/9IP. He may begin 2006 in Vermont but a start in the GCL is not out of the question.
  • Antonio Evangelista RP (22nd) - The 22-year old appeared in 4 games (7IP) with a 2.57ERA, 2.00WHIP, 10.3K/9IP, 7.7BB/9IP, and 0.0HR/9IP. His age should require a start in no lower than Vermont in 2006.

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