Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Farm Authority Report 10/10/05

Peoria (AFL) [Lost to Phoenix 13-8]
  • Tony Blanco, starting LF - 2/5 2R 2RBI 1K 2HR; 1 two-out RBI; 1 runner left in scoring position with two-outs
  • Larry Broadway, starting 1B - 1/4 1R 1BB 1E
  • Brendan Harris, starting SS - 2/4 2R 1BB double
  • Chris Schroder RP - 2IP 1H 1R(1ER) 3BB 4K 1WP
  • Roy Corcoran RP - 1.2IP 6H 4R(3ER) 1BB 1HR 1BK

1 comment:

Nate said...

Is there any way to call Corcoran back and replace him with a pitcher who might benefit from the experience?