Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Definitely Not a Boon"e" for the Nationals

Barry Svrluga weighs in with his analysis of the firing of Adam Wogan. He conjectures that Bowden may look to Bob Boone, Special Assistant to General Manager, to take over at least some of Wogan's responsibilities. Barry explains that Bowden "leaned heavily on Boone's evaluations this year and didn't make a major move without consulting Boone." Would these be the moves that repeatedly brought in toolsy OFs like Kenny Kelly? Or maybe the roster moves that led to no viable SP options in September? Perhaps, Boone was the one touting the superior CF defense of Preston Wilson. The only thing I know is that Bob Boone needs to stay far far away from player development. His track record as a manager was less than impressive, 371 wins & 444 losses in 6 seasons (2 1/2 with Cincinnati and 2 1/3 with Kansas City). His teams showed minimal improvement and his abilities to manage a game were repeatedly questioned. If Boone is the reason that Wogan was fired, one can only hope new ownership is selected soon in order to put properly qualified people in key roles like the Director of Player Development.

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