Thursday, October 06, 2005

Baseball America - PCL and EL Top 20s

Playing catch up on Baseball America's review of the top 20 prospects. First, the Eastern League, where only Ryan Zimmerman makes the Top 20 at #5. And today, the Pacific Coast League, where not surprisingly, no Nats crack the top 20. Questions from the Eastern League chat: Q: Everyone has heard about Zimmerman's glove, but what about his bat? His 58 AB audition was great, but who is he comparable long term to? Should we be more concerned over only 2 walks or 0 HR in 60 PAs. A: Zimmerman stepped up to Harrisburg after less than a week in low Class A, right out of college, and more than held his own. His best tool is his glove but he figures to post at least average numbers in batting average and home runs as he matures and learns the nuances of hitting. He could improve his plate discipline a touch, as he's very aggressive early in counts, especially with the fastball. He compares favorably to a Scott Brosius type of player, who might hit anywhere from No. 2 to No. 7 in a lineup. Q: Would you rather have Zimmerman or Marte? A: I have some concerns on Marte's bat. He really seems to struggle with pitch recognition and at this stage of his career, you would like to see a hitter have a better command of the zone than we saw from him. He still has a higher upside as a hitter than Zimmerman, but Zimmerman is closer to being able to contribute in the big leagues.

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