Thursday, September 22, 2005

Youth Will Be Served

The Nationals defeated the Giants 2-0 driven offensively by Ryan Zimmerman and Rick Short. How about that? Frank Robinson trotted out an apparent 'white flag' lineup comprised of the likes of Gary Bennett catching, Deivi Cruz at SS, Carlos Baerga at 1B, and a slew of inexperienced players in the remaining spots. And they won. The offense was spurred on by Ryan Zimmerman and Rick Short who went a combined 4/7 (out of a total 8 hits) scoring both runs with Short delivering the GW RBI. Imagine that, Frank finally relented and played Zimmerman. Do you think he knows what the kid gives him? Is he getting a good read of what he's capable of doing? Zimmerman handled himself admirably at the plate, he struck out twice but he did not get cheated in his other two ABs ripping two solid singles and starting the Nationals rally in the 7th. Maybe now that the Nationals are all but eliminated, Zimmerman will actually see regular playing time. Rick Short also proved himself worthy of a long look in the off-season. He is definitely not a defensive specialist, but it is becoming clear that he's more than capable with the bat. He could easily replace Carlos Baerga as the PH/Utility IF. Let's hope the Nats given Short a long look in the off-season. He's more than a good story, he's a good player.

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