Saturday, September 10, 2005

Maxwell Soon to Sign with Nats

Washington Nationals 2005 4th round pick, Justin Maxwell is expected to sign with the Nats some time next week according to Bill Ladson, Nats beat writer from Scouting Director Dana Brown was impressed with how Maxwell performed in the Cape Cod League (where they use wooden bats) and believes that Maxwell was worth the risk. Maxwell did not play in the CCL in 2005, but did in 2003 and 2004: 2003: 307/380/392 in 43G(153AB) with 2HR 16K 34BB 9SB in 11 attempts 2004: 263/386/382 in 17G (57AB) with 1HR 8BB 15K 9SB in 13 attempts [he broke a bone in his hand while he was there] Maxwell has been injury prone. Aside from his broken hand, he also suffered a broken ulna which curtailed his sophomore season at Maryland. If it were not for the injuries, Maxwell was projected as a late 1st/early 2nd round draft pick. It was this belief (as well as one year on college eligibility) that dragged these negotiations out as long as they have. If the Nats do in fact get Maxwell into the fold, the Nats will have signed an impressive 20 of their first 22 picks. The two who have not signed:
  • 19th round pick HS RHP Bradley Clark who could still be signed as he has not committed to a 4-year college
  • 23rd round pick Nebraska RHP Brett Jensen who has said he will return to college

This is definitely a good sign that the farm system is slowly being rebuilt.


Jon Wadsworth said...

I have to worry about anyone with an injury history this young.

CCL is a good proving ground, and I'll cross my fingers that he'll be w/ Zimmy in the bigs soon.

RyanZimmerman said...

jon wadsworth...''I'll cross my fingers that he'll be w/ Zimmy in the big soon''

you really think, he could make the majors right away? I'd strongly, strongly doubt that...

just a question...where do you think, Maxwell will play next year?

Brian said...

Assuming he does sign next week, it would not surprise me to see himtake the 6th spot in the Arizona Fall League. As for next season, my guess is he starts out at Savannah or Potomac (depending upon how the other OFs shake out) and if he plays well finishes the season in Harrisburg.