Wednesday, September 14, 2005

News & Notes - Frustrated by Frank Edition

Mark Zuckerman offers up some Nats notes in today's Washington Times. He touches on why Ryan Zimmerman continues to sit on the bench while Vinny Castilla plays.

Despite pleas from fans and the media, Robinson plans to continue starting Vinny Castilla at third base over rookie Ryan Zimmerman as long as the Nationals remain in the playoff race. Robinson acknowledges that Zimmerman, 20, at times has looked impressive since his promotion from Class AA Harrisburg. But the manager also has held firm to his long-standing belief that veteran players should get priority over rookies, especially at this crucial juncture of the season. "I think Vinny has the right to be out there if he's capable and wants to be out there," Robinson said. "I don't know what the kid gives me. I don't know what he's capable of doing. But I do know what Vinny is capable of doing. I guess you can call it loyalty. ... The kid will have his day."

It's Frank's illogical logic at work again. First it was Ryan Church cannot hit LHPs because he cannot hit LHPs. Mainly because he is never started against LHP (though he has done OK in a small sample size 345/406/621 in 29AB). Now it's he doesn't know what the kid gives him/is capable of because Frank insists on running his one-legged 3B out there every day. Yes, Zimmerman will have his day. That day will be the day after Frank retires/resigns/is fired. If anything has been proven this season, it's that pitchers aside, Frank is still stuck in a player's mindset rather than a manager's. A player believes that he deserves to play as a function of how long he has been in the majors. A manager can consider that, but bottom line is a manager needs to do what is best for the team as a whole. Frank will never do that. Both the Times and the Washington Post had not so good news about RP Luis Ayala. It is no big surprise that Ayala is done for the season because of a bone spur in his right elbow. A bone spur which can be tied almost entirely to his overuse/abuse by Frank. Ayala pitched all winter in the Mexican League and then was used 67 times (49 times before the All-Star Break). Frank's repeated use of Ayala, Carrasco, and Majewski definitely are cause for concern in the future. ---------- UPDATE: Chris over at Capitol Punishment says it much better.

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