Saturday, September 03, 2005

Farm Authority Report 9/3/05

Washington (MLB) [Lost to Philadelphia 7-1]
  • Ryan Zimmerman 3B - 1/3 double (1st major league hit); played in field for 1st time, started nice looking around the horn 5-4-3 DP. I was at the game and Zimmerman seemed comfortable out there defensively. He entered the game in the top of the 4th. After the first batter reached on a double. Bobby Abreu ripped a hard liner towards Zimmerman. It was a little bit high but it appeared that Zimmerman mistimed his jump and could have caught it. He started a beautiful inning ending double play, fielding a slow groundball and quickly getting the ball to 2B so the DP could be completed on the speedy Jimmy Rollins. At the plate, Zimmerman appeared over-anxious. He faced a total of 4 pitches in 3AB. His double to left center in the 5th was hard hit as was his lineout to RF in the 7th. All in all, he looked good out there with the only criticism that he needs to show a little bit more patience and see a more pitches at the plate.
  • Rick Short PH/2B - 0/1; entered the game as a PH in the 8th and fouled out to RF. He stayed in the game as the 2B only fielding a humpback line drive single to shallow RF.
  • Kenny Kelly RF - 0/0; Entered the game as a defensive replacement in the 8th. Only action in the field was handling a single to RF.
  • Brandon Watson PH/CF - 1/1 1BB; Entered the game as PH in the 6th. Made two putouts in CF.
New Orleans (AAA) [Defeated Iowa 11-7]
  • Ty Godwin LF - 1/5 1RBI 3K double
  • Edgar Gonzalez 3B - 1/5 2RBI 1K
  • Brendan Harris 2B - 1/5 2R 1RBI 1K double
  • Travis Hughes RP - 1IP 2H 1R(1ER) 2BB 2K

Harrisburg (AA) [Lost to Trenton 7-6]

  • Larry Broadway 1B - 1/4 1R 1RBI 1HR
  • Josh Labandeira SS - 3/3 2R 1RBI 1BB double 1E

Potomac (High A) [Lost to Myrtle Beach 6-2]

  • Ian Desmond SS - 2/4 1R 1E (#39)
  • Frank Diaz CF - 2/4 1R 2RBI 1HR
  • Kory Casto 3B - 1/3 1BB 1K 1SB
  • Josh Whitesell DH - 1/3 1BB 1K

Savannah (Low A) [Split DH with Augusta 5-3 & 5-7]

  • G1: Edgardo Baez RF - 1/3 1RBI 2K triple
  • G1: Devin Ivany DH - 1/3 1R 1RBI 2K
  • G1: Rogearvin Bernadina CF - 0/1 2BB
  • G1: Collin Balester RP - 2IP 3H 1R(1ER) 1BB 1K; Win
  • G2: Edgardo Baez RF - 0/3 1BB
  • G2: Devin Ivany CA - 2/4 1R 2RBI 1K 1SB double; 1PB
  • G2: Rogearvin Bernadina CF - 1/4 1K 1SB

Vermont (SS) [Defeated Lowell 7-2]

  • Francisco Guzman RF - 1/4 1R 2RBI 1K double
  • Mike Daniel RF - 0/1 1K

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