Thursday, September 22, 2005

Baseball America - Vermont Expos

Baseball America reviewed the NY-Penn League's Top 20 prospects. Once again, not Nationals made the Top 20. During a subsequent chat, Baseball America's Matt Meyers answered the following question regarding the Vermont Expos. Q: Thanks for the chat. The Nats are 0 for 2 so far on the top 20 lists. Anyone worth following from the Vermont club? A: Nice to get some international love, so I had to take this one. The Vermont squad has a few guys worth keeping an eye. The most obvious is Clint Everts who has as high of a ceiling of any pitcher in the Nats system. He is recovering from Tommy John surgery and is currently ahead of schedule. The Nats told him not to worry at all about results this season and just focus on regaining his arm strength. He hardly threw his curve or his change but the 5th overall pick from the 2002 draft should be back at full strength in 2006 and is just 21. Couple of position players worth mentioning are Francisco Plasencia and Dee Brown. Plasencia was one of the last cuts from the list and showed the ability to play a strong center field, hit for average and some power and steal some bases. He is certainly a talent and worth following. Brown is the son of the late Jerome Brown, an Eagles defensive lineman in the Buddy Ryan era that used to run the show in Tecmo Super Bowl for Nintendo, and he has some nice raw power.

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RyanZimmerman said...

It's clear that that some INTERESTING prospects played in Vermont. WE'll have to keep an eye on Estrada, Placensia, Brown, Howell,Everts next year. Leonard Davis improved alot too after strugglin in the GCL. Brown has some interesting power and he showed early in the season but he slowed down as the season goes. I knew Howell at the bat to held his own in the NYPL. Let's see what he could do, during a whole season, next year in Savannah. PLacensia impressed everybody and he's another five tool center fielder in our system.

Everts has been disturbed with injuries and I expect to have a good season, next year. Estrada hasn't disapointed imo, he lacks a bit of control but Vermont was really struggling at the time he was pitching. I remember him pitching well during 6 innings but Vermont was blowing his good start the most of time!