Thursday, September 01, 2005

Imagine Me Scratching My Head

No big shock, Ryan Zimmerman will be called up today as part of roster expansion. Matt White was outrighted to New Orleans opening a spot on the 40-man roster. Apparently, Zimmerman will not be playing regularly which I do not necessarily agree with. But there was one comment that drew my attention more than anything else:
Zimmerman is the only player from the Nationals' farm system that will be called up on Thursday. Budget restraints prevented them from calling up more players. However, Bowden expects more promotions in another week.
Budget restraints? Where is this coming from? I thought the Nationals had an excess of cash (even taking into account the Preston Wilson and Deivi Cruz moves). This isn't your parent's Expos, if there isn't budget available, someone has some explaining to do. Now on to the second sentence. Excuse me, how is there no budget to bring them up today but there will be in another week? Is Bowden waiting for his allowance on Sunday? What's the deal here? Perhaps I'm over-analyzing or maybe Rocket Bill is sniffing glue, but those two sentences confuse me.


Scott M. Collins said...

Here's a quote from another WP article from today: "Infielder Rick Short, who flirted with hitting .400, entered Wednesday's play at .388. He could be called up to help the major league team, perhaps after the Zephyrs' season ends Sept. 5. . . ."

Maybe they're letting New Orleans finish their season before ravaging them of some of their best players. I say forget them - we need help!

Jon Wadsworth said...

You nailed it on the head. The Nats aren't flush with cash, 31 other owners are. They are going to squeeze out every last drop.

If the Nats win the series, do all 31 of them get to go on stage?