Monday, September 19, 2005

Baseball America - GCL Nationals

Baseball America has begun their review of the top prospects at each level in the minor leagues. No National was among the top prospects. I had a question answered by Allan Simpson Q: Is there any ray of hope coming from the Nationals players in the GCL? Did any of the 2005 draft picks surprise? Disappoint? A: Nationals draft picks didn't make much of an impact, but don't forget that Ryan Zimmerman debuted in Class A and is already in the big leagues, the team didn't have second- or third-round picks and fourth-rounder Justin Maxwell remains unsigned. Fifth-rounder Ryan Delaughter held his own, though he can be pitched to as he sits on fastballs. He hits the ball well to the opposite field, but scouts say his swing may need re-tooling. Keep an eye on RHP Andre Enriquez, a 14th-rounder whose fastball was clocked at 94.

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RyanZimmerman said...

I pretty much agree with what he said. ''Delaughter swing needs retoolling'' Bah, he has a pretty quick/smooth swing but from what I saw (scouting videos), he has no plate discipline. He's very young so I"m not upset by his season, I think, he had a above average to good season.

Enriquez seems like a versatile player, he was a batter in college but the nats just used him once at the plate. I'd keep an eye on Perks (personnaly).