Sunday, September 04, 2005

What's on Second?

Apparently, Kory Casto.
The Nationals plan to convert Class A Potomac third baseman Kory Casto into a second baseman during the two-month long Dominican Instructional League that runs from early October to early December. Casto is hitting .288 with 21 home runs, 36 doubles and 88 RBI. "Every player has a purpose as to why we're putting them [in the Dominican Instructional League]," Bowden said. "Casto is perfect. We can move him from third to second because [Ryan] Zimmerman is going to be our long-term third baseman. I think it's going to help his development."
That is certainly interesting news. Casto was drafted as an OF in the 2003 draft, converted to 3B, and now is going to work at 2B. The good news ... the Nationals are actually showing some forethought in seeing if Casto is the heir apparent to Jose Vidro in 2 years. The bad news ... Brendan Harris should not worry about planning any visits to DC. I'll be interested to see how this works out. And how soon it is until Bowden starts the Rogers Hornsby and Joe Morgan comparisons.

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