Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Final AFL Slot Filled

The Nationals will be sending LH SP David Maust to the Arizona Fall League as their sixth representative. The 26-year old Maust spent his third season no higher than Double-A Harrisburg. In 26 games (14 starts), he was 5-4 in 100.2IP with an ERA of 2.36 and a WHIP of 0.92. He had 7.0 K/9IP, 1.3 BB/9IP, and 0.6 HR/9IP. Maust is joining SP Josh Karp, RP, Chris Schroder, 1B Larry Broadway, 2B Brendan Harris, and 3B Ryan Zimmerman (who will take two weeks off before arriving in Arizona, Tony Blanco is rumored to take his two weeks of AB).

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Yuda said...

Is there a requirement that teams send three pitchers -- and Bowden doesn't want to jeopardize any of our good arms -- or is he just blindly unaware of what players we have in our system that might actually merit the extra work?