Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekly Wrap-Up - August 15 Edition

I am trying something new out this week. I will look back over the last 7 days to see which Nationals' prospects I am tracking have performed the best. First, the bats. The candidates (in reverse order):
  • 7th: Josh Labandeira (296/321/407) - In 7G at SS in Harrisburg, Labandeira had 8H (3 doubles), 3R, 2RBI, 1BB, and 5K. He committed 1E in the field.
  • 6th: Ian Desmond (318/423/455) - In 6G at SS at Potomac, Desmond had 7H (1 double and 1 triple), 3R, 1RBI, 4BB, 4K, and 2SB. Unfortunately, he made 3E in the field.
  • 5th: Kory Casto (350/480/400) - In 6G at 3B at Potomac, Casto had 7H (1double), 4R, 2RBI, 5BB, 2K, and 1GIDP.
  • 4th: Dee Brown (364/440/500) - In 6G (5 in LF; 1 at DH) with Vermont, Brown had 8H (1HR), 7R, 4RBI, 3BB, 7K, and 1CS.
  • 3rd: Marlon Byrd (500/548/607) - In 7G in CF with New Orleans, Byrd had 14H (3 doubles), 6R, 3RBI, 3BB, 1K, 1CS, and 3GIDP.
  • 2nd: Dutch Zimmerman (355/355/645) - In 8G at 3B with Harrisburg, Zimmerman had 11H (3 doubles & 2HR), 6R, 5RBI, 0BB, 2K, and 1CS.
  • Winner: Rick Short (615/677/808) - In 7G (2 @1B, 1 @2B, & 4 @ 3B), Short had 16H (2 doubles & 1HR), 5R, 10RBI, 5BB, and 1K. He made 3E in the field, all at 3B.

And from the pitching side, there were only 4 candidates:

  • 4th: Danny Rueckel - In 3G in relief for Harrisburg, Rueckel had 2IP with 4H 0R 1BB 0K with 1 win.
  • 3rd: Bill Bray - In 2G in relief for New Orleans, Bray had 2IP with 1H 0R 0BB 4K.
  • 2nd: Mike Hinckley - In one start for Potomac, Hinckley threw 7IP with 5H 3R(2ER) 4BB 5K 1HR 1WP 1HBP 1E with 1 win.
  • Winner: Matthew Perks - The 2004 19 year old 18th round draft pick threw a shutout for the GCL Nationals in his one start. He had 8IP with 2H 2BB 6K.


El Gran Color Naranja said...

Seriously there has to be some law against their treatment of Rick Short. He's screaming to be made a pinch hitter.

Glad to see Dutch has adopted the Nats philosophy of "swing away unless you're named Endy" as well.

John IV said...


Why is Rick Short not being allowed to bring his .400 average to Washington?


John IV