Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Farm Authority Report 8/3/05

New Orleans (AAA) [Defeated Tucson 10-7]
  • Brandon Watson RF - 1/3 1R 1BB 2SB
  • Rehab Assignment: Tony Blanco 3B - 1/3 1R 1RBI 1K 1SF 1GIDP
  • Ty Godwin LF - 2/5 1R 2RBI; triple
  • Brendan Harris 2B - 1/2 1R 3BB
  • Jason Bergmann RP - 2IP 1H 0R 0BB 3K; Save

Harrisburg (AA) [Lost to Binghamton 10-2]

  • Rehab Assignment: Henry Mateo 2B - 0/4 2K
  • Josh Labandeira SS - 1/4 1R 1K double
  • Larry Broadway 1B - 1/4 1E
  • Dutch Zimmerman 3B- 0/4 2K
  • Rich Rundles SP - 6IP 8H 5R(5ER) 1BB 3K 1HR; Loss

Potomac (High A) [Lost to Lynchburg 9-5]

  • Ian Desmond SS - 1/3 1R 1BB
  • Frank Diaz CF - 2/4 1R 3RBI 1HR 1K
  • Kory Casto 3B - 1/3 1R 1BB
  • Salomon Manriquez CA - 1/4 1R 1K double; 1PB
  • Mike Hinckley SP - 7IP 9H 7R(4ER) 3BB 4K 1HBP; Lost

Savannah (Low A) [Defeated Rome 3-2 in 10 innings]

  • Rogearvin Bernadina CF - 2/5 1R 1RBI 1HR 1SB 1CS
  • Devin Ivany CA - 2/5 1R 1RBI 1HR
  • Edgardo Baez RF - 1/4 1BB 1K; GW-RBI single in 10th

Vermont (SS) [Defeated Mahoning Valley 8-3]

  • Dee Brown LF - 1/4 1R 1K triple
  • Mike Daniel RF - 2/4 2R; OF assist (runner at 1B)
  • Rehab Assignment: Clint Everts RP - 2.1IP 3H 2R(2ER) 2BB 4K 1WP
  • Jeff Taylor RP - 0.2IP 1H 0R 0BB 1K

GCL Nationals (R) [Defeated GCL Dodgers 3-1 in 6 innings]

  • Brian Peacock CA - 0/3 3K

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Matt W said...

Can't find it online, but in his "column" in today's DC Examiner, Bowden says that if the veterans don't start producing, they'll soon be sitting on the bench watching some players currently in the minors.

Bowden mentioned by name three players: Brandon Watson, Tony Blanco, and Ryan Zimmerman. Watson shouldn't be too surprising--he's got some great numbers there in NO. I figured that Blanco's "rehab assignment" would be stretched out until the Nats' roster expands in September, so it would be something to see him back sooner.

The most surprising, though, is Zimmerman. Guess he wouldn't do much worse than Vinny at 3B, but you have to wonder what going from UVa to RFK in just a couple of months would do to the kid long-term.