Saturday, August 06, 2005

Venezuelan Summer League

The Nationals share a summer league team with the Florida Marlins in Venezuela. I will tell you I know absolutely nothing about these guys (though I'm determined to become informed). For quick reference, here are the players who belong to the Nationals (ages in parentheses): Juan Arana RHP (18) Wilmer Blanco RHP (19) Wiuly Bravo LHP (18) Deivis Hernandez RHP (20) Johan Ollarve RHP (17) Julio Perez RHP (17) Yorbys Perez RHP (20) Federico Tanco RHP (19) Alfredo Bompart RH CA (18) [He's listed as a catcher, but has been playing in the OF] Ernesto Rodriguez RH CA (21) Luis Solorzano RH IF (18) Eduardo Urbina RH OF (17) Alexis Villegas RH OF (19)

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Basil said...

What about TOTALES? He's pretty good, though a playing time hound. ;-)