Monday, August 29, 2005

Roster Expansion - Options?

September 1 is the date which major league teams can expand their rosters to 40 (anyone on their 40-man roster). As of today, the Nationals have a full 40-man roster (* = not on 25-man presently) PITCHERS (20) Tony Armas Luis Ayala Jason Bergmann Hector Carrasco Chad Cordero Ryan Drese * [15-day DL] Joey Eischen John Halama Livan Hernandez Mike Hinckley * [Potomac] Travis Hughes * [New Orleans] Josh Karp * [Harrisburg] Esteban Loaiza Gary Majewski John Patterson Darrell Rasner * [Harrisburg] Jon Rauch * [New Orleans] Danny Rueckel * [Harrisburg] Mike Stanton Matt White * [New Orleans] CATCHERS (2) Gary Bennett Brian Schneider INFIELDERS (10) Carlos Baerga Larry Broadway * [Harrisburg] Jamey Carroll Vinny Castilla Cristian Guzman Brendan Harris * [New Orleans] Nick Johnson Rick Short *[New Orleans] Junior Spivey * [15-day DL] Jose Vidro OUTFIELDERS (8) Tony Blanco Marlon Byrd Ryan Church * [15-day DL] Ty Godwin * [New Orleans] Jose Guillen Brandon Watson * [New Orleans] Brad Wilkerson Preston Wilson The candidates from the 40-man not already in Washingtom I expect to be called up are: Travis Hughes, Matt White, Brendan Harris, Rick Short, Ty Godwin, and Brandon Watson. That expands the roster to 32 (including the return of Ryan Church in a week or two). Additionally, the Nationals will likely want to recall a third catcher. Keith Osik and Hector Ortiz are in New Orleans, both are 35+ and are nothing more tha roster filler. That will require opening up a spot on the 40-man. This can be accomplished by moving Ryan Drese to the 60-day DL if surgery is decided necessary. Ryan Zimmerman will be called up as well (ideally after the Double-A season ends) requiring an additional roster move, most likely Junior Spivey to the 60-day DL. That brings the roster to 34 (14 pitchers [5 SPs and 9RPs], 3 catchers, 9 infielders [5 corner IFs and 4 middle IFs], and 8 outfielders). The only other guy I believe has a chance that would not facilitate another roster move is Danny Rueckel from Harrisburg. Jon Rauch and Josh Karp are rehabbing from injuries and should be allowed to finish out the season in the minors playing rather than in the majors not playing. Darrell Rasner and Larry Broadway could be called up but again, it makes more sense to allow them regular PT in Harrisburg. Though both could potentially be a mid-September call-ups.


Basil said...

I like the way you think. ;-)

I'm probably out of the loop on this, but I thought Spivey was expected back in September.

Brian said...

Spivey may be back in September but they have to find a home for Dutch