Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bowden Names Names

In the same Examiner article, Jim Bowden mentions the most likely candidates for September roster expansion (other than Ryan Zimmerman). The players we have to look forward to:
  • Keith Osik: Nothing more than a 3rd catcher. The 36 year old has just started playing with New Orleans with awful results, 6G 267/267/267
  • Rick Short: If Bowden needs a 3B in the near term, this should be option #1 though he's no more than an utility IF. The 32 year old journeyman is batting 400/474/588 with New Orleans
  • Marlon Byrd: Late inning defensive replacement OF and pinch runner. Since his demotion, the 27 year old OF has been hitting 440/509/660 with New Orleans
  • Bill Bray: Last year's 1st round draft pick out of William & Mary, the 22 year old LH RP has been primarily a set-up guy in New Orleans, Harrisburg, and Potomac. In 33IP, he has an ERA of 3.82 and a WHIP of 1.30 with 11.5K/9IP, 2.7BB/9IP, and 0.8HR/9IP
  • Matt White: 27 year old LH SP/RP (the Royals Matt White not the Devil Rays one) would be a long relief pitcher/spot starter. In 33G in New Orleans (14 starts) he has a 7-5 record in 113.1IP with an ERA of 3.41 and a WHIP of 1.30 with 7.2K/9IP, 3.3BB/9IP, and 0.5HR/9IP.
  • Travis Hughes: 27 year old RH RP picked up off of waivers from the Rangers has previously pitched with the Nats. In 47G in New Orleans, he has 55.2IP with an ERA of 2.75 and a WHIP of 1.10 with 10.5K/9IP, 3.1BB/9IP, and 0.2HR/9IP
  • Jason Bergmann: 23 year old RH RP was a 2002 11th round draft pick. He has split the season between Harrisburg and New Orleans. In 67.1IP, he has an ERA of 2.14 and a WHIP of 1.14 with 8.8K/9IP, 3.7BB/9IP, an 0.8HR/9IP.
  • CJ Nitkowski: Another RP who has already made appearances for the Nats. The 32 year old LH RP has pitched in 20G since his demotion to New Orleans. In 24.1IP, he has an ERA of 2.96, a WHIP of 1.32 with 7.0K/9IP, 1.5BB/9IP, and 0.7HR/9IP

Among the 'others' mentioned by Bowden are:

  • Tyrell Godwin - 26 year old LH OF was a Rule 5 guy who had a cup of coffee with the Nats. In 112G, he has had 438AB with 329/394/447 with 8HR 41RBI. He has decent speed 19/31 in SB attempts and has shown some patience with 45BB and 63K
  • Kenny Kelly - Another 26 year old OF, the RH was picked up on waivers from Cincinnati had the same Nats exposure as Godwin. In 12G in Harrisburg prior to his promotion to New Orleans, his numbers are less than appealing 213/288/447
  • Kevin Orie - 32 year old journeyman 3B has been hitting well in New Orleans since the Nats acquired him on June 23. His numbers 367/450/612 with 7HR 37RBI in 45G. He would be another option at 3B for 2005 in lieu of promoting Zimmerman
  • Juan Melo - is this getting redundant? he's a 28 year old journeyman SS who has hit 323/364/498 in 69G. Nothing special here but he has played SS in the major leagues (ever so briefly).
  • Brendan Harris - Saving the best for last, Jim? I don't know if it's telling that Harris is the last guy mentioned in the afterthought list. The 24 year old 2B/3B was acquired in last year's Orlando Cabrera trade and has only received the briefest of looks in 2005. In New Orleans, his numbers are 277/331/423 with 11HR and 69RBI in 110G. Even if he gets called up, he'll definitely spend more time hanging out with Tony Blanco than on the field.

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