Sunday, August 07, 2005

Brandon Watson Recalled

The AP has reported that the recently recalled Matt Cepicky was designated for assignment and the previously discussed New Orleans OF Brandon Watson was recalled (I previously discussed Watson here). I want to highlight one part of the article:
Cepicky wasn't pleased about the move, which puts him on waivers for 72 hours. If he's not claimed, he'll have the choice of reporting to New Orleans or becoming a free agent. "I am always the odd man out," Cepicky said as he cleared out his locker after going 1-for-4 in Sunday afternoon's 3-0 loss to San Diego. "I don't understand why me going down is going to help this team win. ... If the team was winning, this wouldn't happen, but unfortunately, the team is not, so they look for a way to help it out." He hit .240 (6-for-25) in two stints with the Nationals this season. "I've never seen somebody go through this," he said. "I have never known anybody to have to deal with this."
While Cepicky was truly nothing special when it comes to major league OFs, I couldn't agree more with his feelings. General Manager Jim Bowden has once again proved he is nothing more than an asshat as the guy making personnel decisions. There have been way too many instances of the Nationals minor leaguers getting jerked around (see Harris, Brendan or Short, Rick). Bowden is not the guy Nationals fans want making decisions about the future of this team and the sooner he's back on Cold Pizza the better. Here's to hoping Brandon Watson gets a fair shake. Though I won't be holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to hear or read anyone explain how and why Rick Short is kept down at AAA when there are incompetent players taking up roster spots.

Brian said...

Rick Short and Brendan Harris deserve better treatment than they have received thus far. There is no reason Wil Cordero should have wasted a roster spot for as long as he did.