Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Which Prospects Could Go?

John asked in my previous post who I thought could be going if a trade were to happen. I'm going to use Jim Bowden's weekly article from the June 30 Examiner as a jumping off point. On the 40-man (this doesn't necessarily exclude them but if they freed up two spots it makes these guys less likely):
  • LHP Michael Hinckley: He's the Nats #1 prospect coming into the season. He's struggled with injury and inconsistencty thus far in 2005. He's currently looking to get back on track in High A Potomac. On a personal level, I hope not because solid LH SP are hard to come by and he has the potential to be a successful #2/3 SP in the majors. But if you have the opportunity to acquire Jason Schmidt, you may have to make the sacrifice
  • RHP Danny Rueckel - I know Basil hopes not. He projects as a solid RH set-up guy and he is a solid contributor to the Senators this year out of the pen. I wouldn't be opposed to moving him as well in the right deal
  • RHP Josh Karp - He has all the talent in the world, but may lack the mental toughness to excel in the majors. He has been pitching better since showing up in Harrisburg from New Orleans, but it would not kill the system if he were to go
  • RHP Darrell Rasner - A 24 year old SP currently in Harrisburg. He projects as an end of the rotation SP. He could go

Prospects not on the 40-man

  • RHP Collin Balester - Balester has been pitching very well in Low-A Savannah. In 16G, he has ERA 3.29; WHIP 1.12; 2.9 BB/9; and, 6.4 K/9. He is another one with potential and he's only 19 years old. You have to give to get. He's a solid prospect in my eyes well worth haggling over but with the Nats in contention for the playoffs, he should be open to discussion.
  • RHP Clint Everts - Everts was the Expos #1 prospect in 2003 and 2004. He was expected to miss all of 2005 with Tommy John surgery but has begun the rehab trail with the GCL Nats pitching sparingly in 6 games so far. The return on this investment is considerably further down the road but he should be viewed as an asset to a rebuilding club like the Devil Rays (aren't they always rebuilding?)
  • SS Ian Desmond - Discussed ad nauseum after his performance in Spring Training. He has shown improved BA/OBP/SLG with his promotion to Potomac (295/311/477) in 11 games. He still hasn't shown the ability to consistently take a walk which leads to concerns he is creeping down the path to being the Endy Chavez of the infield. Additionally, his defense is most certainly a work in progress. He won't be going anywhere (be that good or bad).
  • RHP Armando Galarraga - Spotlighted this morning. Another gut feeling, but I hope Galarraga is staying put.
  • LHP Bill Bray - Last year's first round draft pick is currently closing part time in New Orleans after brief stopovers in Potomac and Harrisburg. He has a shot of being a closer someday and should be considered a valued chip in a potential deal, perhaps giving the Rays another option at closer if Baez were to be included in a deal. I would hope Bray only is moved in a big time deal as he offers the Nationals something they don't have right now, a formidable LH RP out of the pen as a complement to Chad Cordero
  • OF Rogearvin Bernadina - A toolsy OF in Savannah. He is a natural CF with blazing speed and developing power. The concerns leading up to this season was always his strike zone judgement, he's shown much greater discipline in 86 games with 52BB and 59K. No reason not to include him in a deal
  • 3B Kory Casto - 298/386/581 are his numbers in Potomac. His progress in the system as a 3B is definitely bleaker given the drafting of Dutch Zimmerman this year. He is showing improved power but doesn't necessarily project as an everyday 3B in the majors so this Carolina League All-Star could be on the move
  • RHP Shawn Hill - Tommy John surgery has sidelined him for all of 2005. A definite gamble isf someone takes him in a deal
  • RHP Jason Bergmann - RP recently promoted to New Orleans. He projects to be a set-up man similar to want Danny Rueckel offers. He could go
  • RHP Greg Bunn - As a SP in Potomac, he has performed OK, but not necessarily enough to warrant being considered a premier prospect, he could go as well

Not on Bowden's list

  • Larry Broadway 1B - Back in Harrisburg after a rehab assignment. With Nick Johnson's injury history, the Nationals would be hard-pressed to move him in any deal other than one for a premier SP
  • Brendan Harris 2B - Apparently not in the Nationals long-term plans, I expect him to go in any deal of note prior to July 31. He has solid hitting skills but is continually ignored by the Nats

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