Monday, July 11, 2005

AAA and AA All Stars

Both the Triple-A and Double-A All-Star games are scheduled for July 13 and there will be representation by Washington Nationals at both games. In Sacramento (Triple-A), OF Tyrell Godwin and DH Rick Short will appear for the Pacific Coast League. In Portland (Double-A), RHP Saul Rivera, CA John Wilson, IF Melvin Dorta, IF Edgar Gonzalez, and OF Dee Haynes. Godwin is the only player who would be considered a prospect (sorry Rick Short fans). Godwin is the classic speed guy who can't steal first base. If he could only figure out a way to consistently reach base, he might be a serviceable #4 OF. He's a singles hitter who needs to (1) learn how to work a walk (38BB in 79G/300+ AB) and (2) improve on his SB % (16SB vs 11 CS).

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