Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Revisiting Sickels' Nationals Top 20 Prospects

John Sickels, a highly respected authority on MiLB, has revisted his Preseason Nationals Top 20 Prospects. He echoes much of what is readily apparent about the Nats farm system, lots of injuries and much work to do to repair what MLB destroyed. A few of his positives are: #2 Bill Bray, LHP 27 innings of work at 3 levels, 3-1 with 6 saves, 33/9 K/BB ratio, 3.04 ERA. Sample is small but his numbers are pretty strong. #5 Ryan Church, OF Hitting .313/.370/.523 in 69 games for the Nationals. Doing just fine. #11 Kory Casto, 3B Solid year, hitting .303/.393/.555 with 20 homers, 52 walks at Class A Potomac. That's damn good, actually, "solid" is an understatement. Moving up the list. #13 Rogearvin Bernadina, OF Hitting .250/.370/.393 with 24 steals, 56 walks at Savannah. Good speed, high walk rate, nice OBP. Power still developing. An interesting guy but should not be rushed. That's it, according to Sickels. I'd add Armando Galarraga to the list of prospects, a definite top 10 caliber guy.

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John IV said...

So you think Casto is a legitimate Prospect?

I'm not a stats expert, what might he convert into in the future?

I was gonna ask you eventually if you felt like going through and making your own Top Prospect List, but this is just as good, I guess.