Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bowden's Examiner Article 7/28/05

I just wanted to highlight one paragraph from today's Jim Bowden article in the Washington Examiner:
Our plan is not to trade all of our top prospects in the minors. The plan is to build the franchise to win year after year. The only way we'll trade a top prospect is if we get a No. 1 or No. 2 pitcher who would make a major difference in our chances of winning the World Series
A fact I hope is true but given the speaker, I don't necessarily believe it.


Scott M. Collins said...

Wow. There were some other surprising statements in there too:
"When we made the deal [for Wilson] we discussed with manager Frank Robinson what it meant to our club. Jose Guillen would play right, Preston left and Brad center with Ryan Church as the fourth outfielder and Marlon Byrd as the fifth. The plan is for the vets to play the second half. That gives us the best chance to win and score runs." Ok, so no Ryan Church in an outfielder merry-go-round.

"Don't point to the offense or the bullpen as the cause. Rather than giving the other team 27 outs, in the last three weeks we've given them 32 because we didn't make plays or committed errors that we didn't make in the first half."
Well, the starting pitching looks to be the only thing actually doing well, so it would seem to actually be a fair assessment to point to the offense and bullpen (oh and the defense last nite).

Brian said...

I don't believe Bodes or Frank or anyone in management has any clue who is going to play in the OF day in/day out. For that, I believe they use a Ouija board