Friday, July 08, 2005

Where to Find Nats Prospects

I thought a primer on where to find Nationals prospects of note. Before I do that, I wanted to provide some background. Too often, someone looks at a player's number in a league and wonders why a guy with eye-popping numbers isn't deemed a "prospect" (Matt Cepicky and Dee Haynes being prime examples). As a rule of thumb, you can use this chart to determine the 'best' age for a player to be at each level: AAA: 22-23 years old AA: 21-22 years old High A: 20-21 years old Low A: 19-20 years old Short Season and Rookie Ball are often used for rehabilitation and initial introduction to recent draft picks. It's difficult to really pigeonhole an age for these levels, but suffice it to say if a player spends more than 1 season there, he isn't likely to be a prospect of note. Given those parameters, here is where you can find Nationals prospects and other players of note: New Orleans (AAA)
  • Bill Bray LHP (22)
  • Jason Bergmann RHP (23 years old)
  • Brandon Watson LH OF (23)
  • Larry Broadway LH 1B (24) [currently on the DL and rehabbing with the GCL Nationals]
  • Brendan Harris RH 2B (24)
  • Ty Godwin LH OF (25)
  • Josh Labandeira RH SS (26)
  • JJ Davis RH OF (26)
  • for sentimental reasons, Rick Short RH IF (32)

Harrisburg (AA)

  • Ryan 'Dutch' Zimmerman RH 3B (20)
  • Armando Galarraga RHP (23)
  • Darrell Rasner RHP (24)
  • Danny Rueckel RHP (25)
  • Josh Karp RHP (25)
  • Nationals regulars Nick Johnson and Ryan Church will be rehabbing with the Senators this weekend. Zach Day is also rehabbing from a broken wrist in Harrisburg

Potomac (High A)

  • Ian Desmond RH SS (19)
  • Clint Everts RHP (20) [currently rehabbing with the GCL Nats]
  • Erick San Pedro RH CA (21)
  • Frank Diaz RH OF (21)
  • Mike Hinckley LHP (22)
  • Greg Bunn RHP (22)
  • Salomon Manriquez RH CA (22)
  • Kory Casto LH 3B (23)
  • Josh Whitesell LH 1B (23)

Savannah (Low A)

  • Collin Balester RHP (19)
  • Daryl Thompson RHP (19)
  • Edgardo Baez RH OF (19)
  • Rogearvin Bernadina LH OF (21)
  • Devin Ivany RH CA (22)

Vermont (Short Season)

  • Jack Spradlin LHP (20)
  • John Lannan LHP (20)
  • Mike Daniel LH OF (20)
  • Ricky Shefka RHP (21)
  • Craig Stammen RHP (21)
  • Jeffrey Taylor RHP (21)
  • Josh Palm RHP (22)
  • Dee Brown RH OF (22)
  • Marco Estada RHP (22)
  • John Howell LH OF (22)
  • Andrew Lane RH 2B (23)

Gulf Coast League Nationals (Rookie)

  • Eduardo Pichardo RHP (17)
  • Michael Watkins RHP (17)
  • Deryck Johnson LH OF (18)
  • Ryan Delaughter RH OF (18)
  • Brian Peacock RH CA (20)
  • Andre Enriquez RHP (21)
  • Coby Mavroulis LHP (22)
  • As previously mentioned RHP Clint Everts and LH 1B Larry Broadway are rehabbing with the GCL Nats


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