Thursday, November 17, 2005

Jose Guillen News

Courtesy Tigres del Licey website. For those who don't speak Spanish, here is the rough translation:

OF Jose Guillen changed his plans. Instead of resting this winter, he plans to play for Licey in late December and hopes to be part of the Dominican team in the World Baseball Classic in March.

He plans to undergo shoulder surgery prior to playing for Licey/Dominican Republic. Guillen will be evaluated Friday by doctor John Uribe in Miami, fly to Washington to participate in a Nationals activity (alternate uniform debut), and return to Miami. Surgery on Monday is probable.

"It is a small operation to clean the shoulder", said Guillen. He hurt the shoulder sliding last June. "The doctors have informed me this type of operation takes two weeks to heal. Halfway through December I will have the clearance to play", said Guillen.

He tried to avoid the operation with a rigorous program of rehabilitation, but the Nationals wanted to avoid the risk that the injury returned during spring training.

After playing with the Licey in the winter, Guillen will make himself available for the World Baseball Classic. "It will be a great honor to play for my native Dominican Republic", said Guillen.

Guillen is in the last year of his contract with the Nationals. "I want to continue to play in Washington, but if I do not sign an extension during spring training, then I will play the season become free agent. I will not negotiate after the season starts", said Guillen.


Farid said...

My minor league site got bombed by a bunch of folks in a bad mood over at Yuda this afternoon. It was easy to back-track and find the page that "mentioned" me[nice name for it].

I have deleted my minor league site for now. I chose that address [notice the site name was wholly different from yours] because it was the 1st one that didn't pop up the "sorry - already in use' icon. I knew your site existed, but was clueless to its name or address. I read your remarks; thank you for not adding to the fire.
When we do what we do, we open ourselves up to this kind of situation. I guess I should be surprised that this was the first time it happened. I would have made this change long ago if only I'd known of the similarity in addresses.
Best wishes in your future blogging.

Farid said...
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