Friday, November 04, 2005

Below the Radar

Apparently, the Nationals signed 2005 19th round draft pick, Bradley Clark, some time in October. Baseball America's take:
Enigmatic Bradley Clark is a tall, projectable righty who had shown well in showcase events. Academic issues kept Clark ineligible for the first three years of his high school career, leaving him less refined than the average prep senior and in need of a lot of seasoning. He didn't respond well to the pressure of his first season, losing his feel for the easy, fluid arm action he's shown in the past, losing life on his fastball and leaving it up in the zone too often. Clark is considered an easy sign and has some real advantages. At 6-foot-6, 200 pounds, he has plenty of room to fill out and add velocity to his 88-92 mph fastball, and he throws a slider that can be a very good pitch.
Long story short. Clark has some growing up to do. But he was a worthy gamble for the Nationals given the lack of depth in the farm system.

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