Friday, November 18, 2005

Breaking News - Marlon Anderson Signed

H/T to Chris over at Capitol Punishment. Word has leaked (WTEM report) that the Nationals have signed utility man Marlon Anderson to a 2-year deal. Anderson is, at best, Carlos Baerga with a little bit more mobility ... and the ability to play in the OF. What does that mean to the current Nationals? Thanks to Jamey Carroll for everything he's done but there is a 0% chance he's coming back. Rick Short. We hardly knew ye. Good luck with the recovery from the shoulder surgery. Brendan Harris has more than likely played his last game with the Washington Nationals. Harris could reasonably play 2B and 3B for the Nats in 2006. He's now more than likely to be shopped in the off-season. Ideally, it will be in a move for someone like Juan Pierre from Florida. Bernie Castro should start apartment shopping in New Orleans. Unless he can clearly beat out Damian Jackson, he's a victim of a numbers game. Rotoworld sums the signing up perfectly.
A two-year deal? We're sure it's not for a lot of money, but that's still too much of a commitment. The Nationals are signing Anderson because he hit .321 in 56 at-bats as a pinch-hitter last season. He's an upgrade over Carlos Baerga, but he's not someone who should get more than one start per week
---------- UPDATE: Contract terms are 2 years $1.85M. Ugh. This is not an efficient use of limited resources for a role player. I refer you to Ryan for his swearalicious thoughts. The Nationals press release has two quotes I want to focus on:
"It makes it tougher to find a spot and see where I fit on this team," [Jamey] Carroll said. "We signed a couple of infielders. For the team, it strengthens the club. Anderson is a good role player. He has done a great job wherever he has been."
I will echo something Yuda said over at Gameday, "Pure class, Jamey Carroll." And,
"They let it be known that they had interest in me. Things with New York didn't pan out the way I thought," [Marlon] Anderson said. "The Nationals gave me an offer. With the things that I do [off the bench], I thought it was a fair deal. It was more than anybody else was offering."
More than anybody else was offering? No kidding.

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