Thursday, January 05, 2006

Nationals Minor League Roster Moves

Baseball America has an update of the Nationals' minor league transactions. Of note: Re-signed 1B Richard Lane, OFs Jesus Feliciano and Ender Chavez, SS Marco Yepez, RHPs David Gil, Billy Sylvester and Rabell Rivera (Update: Rabell Rivera is actually Saul Rivera)
  • Lane: the 26-year old 1B finished his 7th season in the Nationals organization splitting his time between the GCL Nationals (391/442/391), Savannah Sand Gnats (389/452/639), and Harrisburg Senators (227/348/328). This was his 3rd straight season no higher than Double-A ball, he's an organizational player.
  • Feliciano: the 26-year old OF was signed in 2005 as a minor league free agent from Tampa Bay. He played the whole season in Harrisburg (280/315/351) where he was 10/16 in SB attempts. Another organizational player.
  • Chavez: the 24-year old OF finished his second straight season in High-A ball, Potomac in 2005 where he batted 251/325/318 with 10/23 in SB attempts. Going on 25 and never a day above High-A ball, he's around just to fill out minor league rosters.
  • Yepez: the 24-year old SS spent the season in Potomac (270/345/365). He's probably best served as a utility IF, though making the majors is a longshot at this point.
  • Gil: the 27-year old RP spent his first season with the Nationals organization splitting his time between Harrisburg (32.2IP 1.13WHIP 8K/9IP 2.5BB/9IP 0.6HR/9IP) and New Orleans (38IP 1.21WHIP 6.9K/9IP 2.8BB/9IP 1HR/9IP). His peripheral numbers are intriguing and he could be a RH RP option that the Nats will turn to when needed.
  • Sylvester: the 29-year old RP spent his first season with the Nationals organization in Harrisburg (41.1IP 1.67WHIP 11.3K/9IP 6.3BB/9IP 1.7HR/9IP). He's an organizational RP in 2006.
  • Rivera: Rivera is a 28-year old RH RP who spent his second straight season with the Nationals in Harrisburg (76.2IP 1.20WHIP 8.2K/9IP 2.4BB/9IP 0.4HR/9IP). Rivera should ideally start the season in New Orleans, and along with Gil be considered a replacement bullpen option if there are any injuries to guys like Majewski, Ayala, or Bergmann.

Signed CA Brandon Harper, OF Michael Vento, SS Tony Medrano, LHP Jacobo Meque and RHP Anastacio Martinez.

  • Harper: Here's what I said back on 12/13 ... "the 29-year old has played the last two seasons at AAA with the Detroit Tigers. In 102 games, he batted (roughly) 235/325/350 with 9HR 41 RBI and 46/34 K/BB ratio. He's probably destined for New Orleans if he sticks with the Nationals. As the youngest of the bunch, his age is an asset." It's interesting that only Harper made BBA's transaction list and not any of the other three CA options (Gonzalez, Castillo, or DiFelice).
  • Vento: the 27-year old RH OF finally made the majors in 2005 with the Yankees (2G 2AB 0H). He spent the majority of the last 2.5 seasons in Triple-A Columbus (2003: 304/363/473; 2004: 275/333/441; 2005: 291/365/445). He demonstrated an adequate K/BB ratio of 209/97. He's probably destined for a full season with New Orlenas
  • Medrano: the 31-year old SS spent his 2005 season with Triple-A Scranton-Wilkes Barre (221/281/286). An organizational player if there ever was one.
  • Meque: the 22-year old LH SP/RP spent the past two seasons in the Reds organization (2005: 49.1IP 1.64WHIP 8.4K/9IP 6.6BB/9IP 0.7HR/9IP). I'm guessing the Nationals are simply gambling on a young arm. He should begin the season in Savannah.
  • Martinez: the 25-year old RHP RP has spent practically his entire career in the Red Sox organization (actually earning a World Series ring in 2004 for 10.2 uninspiring IP). In 58.2IP in 2005, primarily in relief, he put up 1.72WHIP, 7.1K/9IP, 4.1BB/9IP, and 0.6HR/9IP. His 2006 will likely be spent in New Orleans.

Additionally, the Nationals lost two minor league pitchers from 2005, RH SP Chad Durbin signed with the Detroit Tigers and LH SP Matt White signed with the Philadelphia Phillies. Neither were anything more than AAAA SPs at this point in their careers, but that is an area that Nationals most certainly need to improve entering 2006.


Anonymous said...

A few more names on the transaction list that caught my eye:

Vince Rooi signed with the Pirates.

Rich Rundles signed by the Cards.

Luke Lockwood signed with the Mariners.

singnals3 said...

Vince Rooi signed with the Pirates.

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